My Story

When I was 50 years young I was fortunate enough to hear about the new National Speakers Association just being formed. I immediately joined, and gained a wealth of knowledge from the founders of NSA.

During the past 45 years I’ve coached many clients using the very same principles I learned firsthand from the best teachers in the world. And I’ve dedicated my life to helping individuals like you who want to excel in speaking before groups.

Sharing my personal story is important because I know it will help you understand why my highly personalized programs will be so valuable to your success as a professional speaker. This is why I’m so excited about passing along all that I’ve learned to a whole new generation of speakers.

When you invest in my Amazing Speaker Programs, you’ll quickly realize that you are working with one of the most enthusiastic and experienced speaking coaches in America. I’m probably the oldest active member in the National Speakers Association, and you can easily learn from me just as I learned from the NSA founders.

This is a rare opportunity! Contact me today to take advantage of my wealth of coaching experiences, and become the speaker you always wanted to be.

Once you become a client, listen well, and follow the guidelines, you will be earning a SIX-FIGURE INCOME within three years!

The Amazing Speaker Programs will save you at least 5 years of effort in becoming a very successful professional speaker. You’ll be challenged, but you won’t believe the progress you’ll make in such a short time. Please don’t put off contacting me, my highly personalized coaching will pay big dividends to you!

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Lee Moczygemba,